Today's Time Waster: Watching People Point at Your Pointer

Design shop has fun with your mouse

Pointer Pointer is an artfully simple and hilarious website that finds your mouse pointer, wherever it is on the screen, and then loads photos of people pointing at it. It's 30 percent creepy and 100 percent more fun than you'd expect. It also has intriguing possibilities for brands looking to navigate through and interact with a glut of crowdsourced images submitted by fans. The site's code was actually developed by Studio Moniker in Amsterdam for a marketing project—a similar site that tracked mouse movements and set off photo flashes in real time to advertise 5 Days Off, an electronic music festival. The studio was surprised when more than 300,000 people visited the site before its official launch. Fans have already made videos and demos explaining the digital trick behind it. So, point your browser toward the Pointer Pointer, and see how much of your day you end up wasting.