Tired of Not Having a Grocery Store, Village Engineer Invents a Vending Machine

Dispenses eggs, milk and more

The town of Clifton in central England hasn't had a grocery store for almost 15 years, so a local engineer invented a giant vending machine that dispenses milk, eggs, bread, toiletries, pet food and even umbrellas for the village.

Refrigerated compartments keep perishables cool and a "basket" system allows bottles and egg cartons to be dispensed without breaking or spillage. Located in a parking lot, the unit's brick motif and awning make it look somewhat like a traditional English village shop. It takes cash and credit cards and boasts various security features (alarms and such).

Creator Peter Fox hopes the machine is the first of many. It carries no advertising, but that's probably just a matter of time.

Via Design Taxi and Daily Mail.