Tillamook Says a Fun, Violent Farewell to ‘Big Food’ in Eye-Catching Ads by 72andSunny

Try 'real food' instead

Food fight!

Tillamook, the 107-year-old farmer-owned dairy co-operative, cuts Big Food down to size in a series of goofy yet pointed videos from 72andSunny. A continuation of last year's "Dairy Done Right" campaign, the new ads cast Tillamook products as wholesome, tasty "real food" alternatives to mass-produced fare.

In "Goodbye Big Food, Hello Real Food," the minute-long TV and online film below, directed by Believe Media's Floria Sigismondi, processed treats most of us would consider delicious appear patently—in some cases, explosively—unappetizing:

Gee whiz, that cheesy stuff looks grody, right? And I can't recall chocolate bunnies ever looking so … apocalyptic.

"We wanted to spark a conversation bigger than just dairy by taking on the flawed industrialized food system," Kelly Schoeffel, co-head of strategy at 72andSunny, tells AdFreak. "The goal is to provoke people to question the food they eat and the system behind it—and compel them to choose real, honest food made by real people."

A bunch of 15-second web clips, hashtagged #ForRealFood, directed by Tony Ung of 72andSunny's in-house production unit, went live during Sunday's Academy Awards telecast. First, we learn that some snackers find processed popcorn positively unbearable:

"We had a blast thinking of scenarios to destroy Big Food and offer real-food solutions in ways that would resonate with Oscar-watching audiences," says Schoeffel. "It allowed us to get creative with the content. Also, people in bear suits are always a good time."

In the next spot, an artificially flavored ice-cream sandwich falls flat—literally:

Say, this corporate cheeseburger isn't so sharp! (That must not be 100 percent real cheese!)

In the ad below, a slushie made with red dye gets iced out:

Finally, we get some especially gnarly feedback about "nasty nachos":

Agency and client don't view the campaign as an all-out attack, Schoeffel says. "It's more of a break-up with Big Food, bringing an end to a bad albeit nostalgic relationship," she says. "These packaged goods were sold to us as 'food,' and the whole world is starting to see that definition differently."

Might folks might find the ads too preachy? "Nah," says Schoeffel. "How our food is made, and by whom, is no longer a niche topic but rather an escalating conversation in culture. Tillamook is just one voice in that conversation, offering an honest point of view that invites people to independently make up their minds."


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