Things get worse for ‘Silent Hill’ poster girl

Graffiti artists apparently cannot resist the luring lacuna in the Silent Hill movie posters, which show a creepy, terrified girl with a blank space where her mouth should be. According to Shoolery Design in Hollywood, which designed the poster for Sony’s TriStar Pictures, New York City artists are painting fangs, buck teeth, “clown-like pie-holes” and Hitler mustaches on the poor girl. But as the agency sees it, that’s OK. “We are thrilled that our Silent Hill design has triggered such a wave of attention,” says Mark Shoolery. “As artists ourselves, we always get a kick out of other artists who feel they have images to contribute that can embellish our concept.” Shoolery, no foolery, called it a “grassroots response.” No wonder they didn’t widely use any of the public’s Silent Hill posters.

—Posted by Gregory Solman

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