The Invisible Man Is the Perfect Spokesman for This Clever Audi Ad

Why his dream role is about to disappear

This entertaining new Audi ad from DDB Spain reintroduces us to the Invisible Man and his Sunset Boulevard-esque relationship with his own fame.

Over a gravelly voiceover explaining his career, we see (or rather, don’t see) him drinking whiskey by his pool and walking the red carpet, as well as movie posters and other ephemera. There’s even a statue of him, or at least an engraved pillar. He also sounds enough like Ron Perlman that I keep expecting him to say “War, war never changes” as the ad turns into the Fallout 2 menu screen.

Audi doesn’t really enter the picture until close to the end, when the Invisible Man laments that he never did a car movie—and probably never will, thanks to Audi’s cruise control, active lane assist, and other self-driving technologies.

The idea of self-driving cars making the Invisible Man obsolete is a fun one, and the movie theme is a nice tie-in with the San Sebastián International Film Festival, for which the ads was made.

The larger campaign will include print ads, an interview in one of Spain’s major film magazines, and a promotion rewarding viewers who can identify the seven movie references in the ad.

Marca: Audi
Anunciante: Audi
Tipo De Producto: Audi Piloted Driving
Agencia: DDB
Director General Creativo Jose Maria Roca De Viñals
Director Creativo Ejecutivo Jaume Badia
Director Creativo: Guille Ramirez
Director De Arte: Fran Arguijo
Copy: Carlos Weil
Director Cuenta: Francesca Gonzalez
Ejecutivo Cuenta: Veronica Martin
Producer: Vicky Moñino
Productora: Agosto
Productor Ejecutivo Toni Moreno
Producer: Aldo Gunter
Realizador: David Verges
Dtor. Fotografia: Alberto Bañares
Esudio Sonido: Bso
Musica Titulo: Original
Post-Produccion: Metropolitan