Teleflora’s talking flowers turn into slackers

Teleflora's "Talking Flowers" campaign, which debuted with that somewhat harsh office spot on the Super Bowl, continues with this Mother's Day commercial above, done by the florist's in-house agency, Firestation in Los Angeles. This time, rather than an obnoxious boyfriend, the flowers embody the thoughts of two slacker bad-seed sons who have sent their mother a wilted, second-rate, boxed-up bouquet. The droopy buds spring to life and relate the brothers' cheap thoughts (one asks for money to buy pizza). All the while, blasé Dad sits nearby with his nose in a newspaper, all ignorant and unconcerned, so I guess we know which side of the family the boys take after. When one of the son-flowers (ha!) suggests they move back home, Mom sticks the sorry stems down the disposal. The message: Don't send flowers in a box—you never know what they'll say. Actually, my mom would be thrilled if I remembered to send any kind of flowers for a special occasion. In fact, there's a holiday coming up, isn't there? Hmmm, let me see. It's not her birthday. I wonder what it could be?

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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