TBWA ads make shady credit firms look fun

TBWA's new spots for Cetelem (a unit of BNP Paribas Bank) have been out in France for a while, but they're just gaining viral traction now. The series broadly lampoons shady credit firms by creating the fictional Bingo Credit ("The dishonest alternative"), an outfit with banknotes in vending machines, chesty babes on the phone bank and motorcycle couriers who deliver huge parcels of money. In other spots, Bingo's spokesman helps one guy finance a better-looking wife and another shop for a casket from his deathbed. "Don't worry about repaying the loan," he says. "That's the least your family can do for you." The ads are entertaining, and in fact, they make irresponsibility look irresistible. I'm not seeing a problem here. At least no one steals your face like in that Zendough ad.

—Posted by David Gianatasio