Taxi turns over every rock for new business

Taxi New York sent me a tweaked version of Asteroids. It's part of the shop's new business-solicitation effort. According to the agency: "Players' scores are tracked, and the leading participant receives Taxi's services at no charge on the project of his or her choice." One assumes the services in question would yield zippier fare than this self-promotion, which is a bit too much like the '80s arcade game—both boring and addictive—for my taste. Takes me back to those days at the mall, of staring into a video screen for hours on end until my vision blurred and my hands cramped up. That's exactly I how I spend my workdays as an adult, come to think of it. Same as it ever was. Thanks for that dose of melancholy self-realization, Taxi.
—Posted by David Gianatasio