Take a One Show Pencil out for a test drive


Oh, that cheeky BooneOakley. The agency's promotion for The One Show 2009 call for entries is designed to "encourage potential entrants to experience firsthand the unending bliss of owning a Gold Pencil (for one week)." Applicants who register at the soon-to-be-launched oneshowtestdrive.org will get to "test" Gold Pencils for a week. Also: "Pencil-testers will receive congratulatory phone calls from world renowned creative directors, designers, interactive directors and film directors including John Butler, Dave Lubars, Eric Silver, Court Crandall, Sally Hogshead, Ari Merkin, Joe Duffy, Bob Greenberg, Noam Murro, Kevin Roddy and Ty Montague." Perhaps a few of the testers will feel compelled to devise creative ways to tell those big-wigs where to stick their precious Pencils. You can't expect modesty and self-deprecation from the creative department. That's more of an account management sort of thing.

—Posted by David Gianatasio