Take an Irresistibly Silly Ride With MoneySuperMarket’s Epically Funky Elephant

One way to celebrate savings

A man rides an elephant down a city street.

Wave your tusks in the air like you don't care!

An elephant with some serious funk in its trunk shakes its behemoth boo-tay down a busy nighttime thoroughfare to the beat of Cameo's "Word Up" in this MoneySuperMarket spot from Mother London.

The boppin' beast is ridden/driven by some schlubby guy named Graeme who, the voiceover explains, saved a bundle by shopping for insurance on the British company's website, "and now he feels ep-iiic." Oh, and there's a tuxedoed toddler with an outrageous afro, who talks in a deep big-man voice. Just in case some viewers don't find the elephant epic enough, I guess.

The prancing pachyderm is a memorable metaphor for feeling good in a big way, and this irresistibly silly spot blasts the client's earlier smooth-steppin' commercial—narrated by Snoop Dog (Snoop Lion? Snoop Elephant?)—clear off the dance floor.