Taco Bell bribing Facebook fans for support


Taco Bell has launched part two of its response to the class-action lawsuit filed over the content of its tasty but not entirely beefy beef. Part one, you may recall, was the snarky “Thank you for suing us” ad. Now, the chain is thanking its Facebook fans for supporting Taco Bell in these tough times with a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco each. “Throughout the beef class action lawsuit, the response and enthusiasm from our Facebook community has been overwhelmingly positive,” says CEO Greg Creed. “We found it only fitting to reward these 5.4 million fans and a friend with a free taco. It’s our way of saying thanks for their loyalty and support.” It’s also essentially bribing them to ensure that loyalty as the lawsuit staggers on. Just saying. Not that anyone’s going to care about the outcome one way or the other—if anything, we’ll all be surprised if Taco Bell’s meat is actually food, let alone meat.