Switzerland Kills All the Clocks in Timeless Tourism Ad

Ahh, that's better

Switzerland's appeal as a vacation destination is timeless. As proof, the nation's tourism authority springs "Clocks" on the masses. Spillman/Felser/Leo Burnett's film finds Sebi and Paul, a pair of bearded locals introduced earlier in the campaign, on a mission to remove or disable every timepiece in their wintery homeland to facilitate relaxing holidays for stressed-out travelers. Since this is Switzerland, removing clocks to create a calming environment feels logical and unforced. The spot offers ticks, of a sort, but thankfully, not a single ant, unlike last year's spot with weirdo Swiss weather prophet Martin Horat. Yech! Here, there's a cute joke involving a rooster, a creature famed for shattering the peace at a certain time every day. And we're treated to lots of great visuals, like Sebi and Paul lugging a grandfather clock though the snow and depositing it on a horse-drawn cart, that make watching "Clocks" time well spent.

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