Surprise! Diaper Dad Is a Hapless Moron in AT&T’s New Ad

Nicely done, but oh so familiar

BBDO phones in this doofus-dad spot to deliver the message that "Only AT&T's network lets your iPhone talk and surf at the same time." It's well executed and appealingly cast, with the actor playing the nerdy young father working hard at both changing baby (he fails, of course) and engaging in "guy talk" with his buddy (presumably kidless, oddly jivey-sounding) about a football game that diaper dude hasn't seen. Mom delivers a textbook "my-husband's-an-idiot" stare at the end. The way-too-familiar setup and self-consciously goofy dialogue ("Dog, what's up?" "You know me, I'm just kickin' it") make this feel like a parody of familiar ad tropes. If so, a more over-the-top approach would have helped. Have the baby give investment advice or dance on roller skates—or better yet, explode, crash through a window and cause a 20-car pileup. Then we'll know for sure where you're coming from.

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