Super suitor will look foolish if she says no

So, some guy wants to buy an ad slot in the a Super Bowl to propose to his girlfriend. What’s an engagement ring—a couple months’ salary? Makes $2.5 million-plus for airtime on the Big Game seem kind of excessive. Anyway, the lovesick big spender (here’s his Web site) has engaged Storybids, a product placement firm, to help out. They’re looking for a company to pay for the spot in exchange for the chance to film the girlfriend’s response and post it online. Several jewelers have expressed interest. Perhaps others will enter the fray—dating sites, mortage brokers, maternity-product providers, college-tuition services, retirement specialists. (I’m excluding marriage counselors and divorce attorneys. That would be unromantic.) Meanwhile, speaking of love, Boston-based Scout Productions, the outfit behind Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, is developing a new NESN show, Sox Appeal, that will follow couples on blind dates at Red Sox games. If they’re on the ball (pun intended), they’ll pair up a local yokel with a die-hard Yankees fan as soon as the Bombers come to town. That’s guaranteed to provide some fireworks—and ratings. A bleacher ticket at Fenway costs $12, by the way. So, if the Super Bowl guy would consider just taking his girlfriend to a game, he could save more than $2.4 million and still have enough left over for some Fenway Franks (unless Queer Eye’s Ted slyly replaces them with cordon bleu and foie gras).

—Posted by David Gianatasio