Stoners go apeshit for Domino’s brownies

We first encountered (though did not eat) Domino’s new brownie squares a few weeks ago, when they gave them away for free one morning. Since then, we’ve seen the ads for them, which involve a brownie named Fudgems (who has his own Web site) going around talking gibberish and giving people hugs—leaving them smeared in brown stuff in the process. None of which seemed that appetizing. But maybe they are tasty. In North Carolina this month, a young man and woman were arrested for breaking into a Domino’s Pizza after hours and baking up a batch of the brownies, according to The Smoking Gun. “Additionally (and not surprisingly),” the story says, the woman “was found carrying a marijuana pipe, for which she was hit with a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia count.” The next commercial writes itself.