A Stern reprimand for Don Imus

As advertisers like Staples and Bigelow Tea abandon Don Imus’s radio show, Howard Stern has been surprisingly charitable and gracious in his assessment of his arch-rival’s meltdown. Not. In fact, the caustic quips from the King of All Media were entirely predictable, though I had to Google around to find out what he said. He doesn’t have much reach since his switch to Sirius. In fact, both Stern and Imus have been steadily slipping in terms of audience and influence, ranking just 12th and 14th among talk hosts, respectively, according to the latest poll in Talkers magazine. Imus, much to his chagrin, seems to have found a way to make people listen again, though he may soon have no employer willing to broadcast what he has to say. Stern’s $500 million contract, roughly $50 million for every 1 million listeners he lost by moving to Sirius, should ease the pain of his encroaching obscurity. At any rate, it beats whatever severance Imus has coming.

—Posted by David Gianatasio