Stephen Curry and Shaq Have Cameos in Guitar Hero Live’s Crowdsourced Lip-Sync Ad

Plus, Erin Andrews, Vine star King Bach and more

Pop music's newest supergroup features hoop icons Shaquille O'Neal and Stephen Curry, sports broadcaster Erin Andrews, Vine star King Bach … and you. 

To showcase Guitar Hero Live's GHTV feature, Activision and AKQA crowdsourced a music video of fans lip syncing Ed Sheeran's "Sing," tossing in clips of the aforementioned stars. Non-stars submitted videos via mobile app using the #GuitarHeroTVStar contest hashtag. According to Activision, more than 100,000 clips were collectively viewed more than 100 million times in 10 days. (So many zeroes, it must be true!)

GHTV, the game's online video mode, lets folks capture footage from concerts and music clips, and even transform homemade content into playable experiences. It's received mixed reviews since Guitar Hero Live's launch in October. Still, the promo is a lot of fun, expertly edited by Alan Chimenti (who worked on Katy Perry's "Roar") with a lively multi-screen effect that keeps viewers engaged.

Black-capped Curry fares best among the celebs, coming off as a cross between a grunge rocker and one of the Backstreet Boys. As for Shaq, well, his performance is nothing but air (guitar).

Oh, we kid. Sweet sync, Shaq! (Do you still need the paycheck?)