Staten Island pol trashes Landfill ice cream

It doesn’t have the celebrity power of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. But 5 Boroughs Ice Cream of New York City has a good thing going with one of its own special pints, Staten Island Landfill—a mix of brownies, fudge, crunchies and cherries in a vanilla base, with no actual smelly Manhattan garbage whatsoever. Predictably, it’s the company’s best-selling flavor. Just as predictably, the Staten Island borough president hates the name. He wants 5 Boroughs to change it to something like Ferry Berry, which 5 Boroughs won’t do. The company, whose other flavors include Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla, says: “It is never the intention of 5 Boroughs Ice Cream to cause serious offense or harm. We try to have fun with all of our flavor names, and respect the fact that some folks may not share our sense of humor.” Instead of chasing after an ice-cream company, maybe Staten Island should follow the Bronx’s example and launch its own million-dollar tourism campaign. Via Gothamist.