Starbucks Wishing You a Very Augmented Holiday Season

AR app brings chain's cups to life

Most days, it's tough to decide which I want with my morning coffee: scone or augmented reality . . .augmented reality or scone? Now, thanks to Starbucks, I can have both this holiday season! The ubiquitous coffee chain is introducing an AR app called Cup Magic next Tuesday! Just point your iPhones and Android devices at those seasonal red Starbucks cups (and other branded objects, like bags of coffee) and watch animated scenes with ice skaters, sledders, and cute animals come to life! Tap the sledding boy and watch him do a somersault! Find all five characters and qualify for a prize! There's social media sharing (when isn't there these days?) and e-cards and all manner of caffeinated cheer! After three double-shots, I use a lot of exclamation points! Sorry! Anyway, Cup Magic sounds like fun, but Starbucks coffee already augments my reality just fine (oh, the room's spinning!), and I don't need any extra stimulation. I think I'll stick with the scones. Via Mashable.