Spirit Airlines Strikes Again With Weiner Sale

Spirit Airlines, the crass yet timely folks behind a cavalcade of tasteless online ads that make you wonder how they're still in business, has stayed classy with a new Web banner that frankly asks, "Have you seen our wiener?" The animated banner resolves to the image above, indicating that the Wiener sale has "fares too HARD to resist," which are disturbingly low at $9 each way. They tweeted about it, too, warning people to take advantage of the sale before their Twitter gets hacked. But instead of lying about it, they did the right thing and admitted ownership of the wiener banner, stopping short of apologizing for the moral lapse involved in approving this cheeky crap. Check out their previous hits including: JetBlue's inflatable slide fiasco, BP oiled beach babes, and the Tiger Woods car crash. But they're doing something right. For whatever reason, I can't seem to look away.