Speedo is sick and tired of all those jokes

MediaDailyNews has a piece on Speedo’s efforts to “gain a beachhead as a fashion and lifestyle marketer.” Primarily, this seems to mean getting people to forget the only thing they associate with Speedo—i.e., the super-short swimming trunks made popular by such celebrities as Mark Spitz and Donny Deutsch. Speedo actually does have all kinds of sportswear lines, only one of which carries the unfortunate brand name of Fastskin. U.S. Olympic gold medalists Michael Phelps and Amanda Beard both endorse the brand, and Beard was scheduled to meet fans at a Speedo store in Key West on a recent episode of MTV’s The Real World. Unfortunately, something got screwed up, and hardly anyone showed. Maybe Speedo should think about having some fun with the stereotype instead. There isn’t a person out there who doesn’t have a mental picture of a Speedo, for better or worse. That has to count for something.