Specsavers seeing things in crop-circles ad


Last we checked in with Specsavers, the U.K. optical chain with the fun ads, they were celebrating their 25th birthday with a sperm-themed spot. Now, they've moved on to UFOs. You'll be happy, I'm sure, to hear that they're returning to their original slogan ("Should've gone to Specsavers") in this new spot, in which aliens bully a defenseless, near-blind farmer into getting new glasses. Not very effectively, though, since he can't really see what they're writing in his crops. Or maybe his sight is so bad that he's imagining the whole thing. It's unclear, which is perhaps not the best takeaway from an eyewear commercial. One indication that the UFOs are real: The director says his and his wife's watches stopped working during filming. Maybe it's a commercial for watch repair!

—Posted by David Kiefaber