Special delivery from BBDO

Fedex_1H&R Block isn’t the only company that loves Ken Jennings.

Jennings’ 74-game winning streak on Jeopardy! ended this week on a Final Jeopardy question: “What is H&R Block?” That firm capitalized immediately by offering the brainiac free tax-prep services for life (see post below).

His wrong answer was, “What is FedEx?” And if you think BBDO would let that one slip by, think again. Eric Silver’s group whipped up the ad shown here, which appears in this morning’s USA Today. The headline reads, “There’s only one time FedEx has ever been the wrong answer.” The body copy elaborates: “Congratulations Ken Jennings on your amazing Jeopardy! winning streak. And thanks for mentioning our name. Even if it was the one time you shouldn’t have. For all the right answers to your shipping needs, go to fedex.com.”

Can I have Quick Thinking for $500, Alex?

—Posted by Tim Nudd