Spam finds its 'Weekly World News' side

Most spam headlines are pretty easy to spot at 100 yards. Usually they involve a grotesque and physically improbable offer about penis extension. But there’s a new trend in spam that might be tougher to catch on first glance. “False headline” spam uses almost-believable subject lines to lure you in, and some are pretty good. A few of those I received recently: “Release denied for dying Manson follower,” “Breaking news: McCain cheats on his wife,” and the incalculably cool, Weekly World News-ish “Ninja attack in New York Times Square.” Security Computing Corp. says this trend was just one of six major spam waves that picked up steam in June. But looking at the rest of the list—replica fashions, free BlackBerries, etc.—it seems false headlines stand the best chance of catching on. Then again, it’s hard to argue with a penile-enhancement zinger like “How Stella got her tube packed.”