Sobieski Vodka Keeps Telling It Like It Is in Outdoor Ads

Attitude in old OOH spaces

When Sobieski's "Truth in Vodka" campaign began seven years ago, it skewered pomposity in the category. Since then, the effort has broadened to call out nonsense in any realm—and amen to that.

Topical targets in recent outdoor ads from lead shop Marty Weiss and Friends range from spy in exile Edward Snowden and social media to the World Cup. Weiss, the man behind memorable TV ads for Guinness and the Nynex Yellow Pages, proves once again that outdoor needn't be a dull medium. You just need to have something witty—and pithy—to say.

This year's ads, which target 25- to 29-year-olds in 17 cities, will continue throughout the summer before taking a break and returning in late fall. The brand's media agency is Horizon Media.

More images below.

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