A sneak peek at ‘Superman Returns’

A teaser trailer is out for next summer’s Superman Returns movie, directed by Bryan Singer, whose credits include The Usual Suspects and X-Men. The trailer is very cool, and according to the always excellent Movie Marketing Madness blog, the film is likely to be pretty good, too. The MMM post reads, in part: “It occurs to me that DC [Comics] is now doing with its comic characters just what Marvel did four or five years ago. Take a director that is talented, give him a story to create and work with and let him make an actual movie, not just a commercial for action figure tie-ins. Marvel did it with X-Men (Bryan Singer) and Spider-Man (Sam Raimi) in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Now DC has done it with Batman Begins (Christopher Nolan) and will do it with Superman Returns (Singer, poached from the X-Men franchise) and then Wonder Woman (Buffy creator Joss Whedon).” Reaction to the teaser poster, meanwhile, has been mixed. Some think it’s classic; others say it’s boring.