Smart car taking brave stand ‘against dumb’

In the year's most logical brand positioning, Smart car is coming out "against dumb." More specifically, it's trying to rile people up to fight "against dumb, mindless overconsumption." The marketer explains thusly: " 'Against Dumb' challenges us to think about our love affair with excess and asks 'Is BIGGER really better?' as we lead up to the biggest overconsumption dates of the year—Black Friday and the run-up to Christmas." With help from ad agency StrawberryFrog, Smart has lots of anti-dumb marketing planned for the coming weeks—digital, events, social-media activity, and so on. The auto brand is also looking for the worst examples of dumb, mindless overconsumption to include in an upcoming video. Smart, of course, is positioning itself as not-dumb because it consumes very little fuel (41 miles per gallon) and emits minimum levels of carbon dioxide. Plus, it's 95 percent recyclable. Now, we just have to see what Diesel's "Be stupid" people have to say about this. Check out the Smart manifesto after the jump.

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