Skittles makes videos of Facebook statuses


Skittles U.K. is all about the real-time Facebook stunts lately. A couple of weeks ago, they drowned a man in Skittles—dumping ever more candy on his head for each new Facebook "Like" they earned. Now, they're doing an interesting thing with Facebook status updates. The "Update the Rainbow" app encourages people to send in their status updates—which staffers at the (bogus?) "Skittles Call Centre" will read aloud for the camera, with the resulting video being posted on your wall. It's another fun idea, but once again, the execution is a bit lacking. The man-drowning-in-Skittles stunt suffered from a poorly lit, amateurish-looking set and a droning narrator. Likewise, here the call-center staffers are sorely lacking in personality. Overall, it reinforces what was so good about the Old Spice response videos: The concept was great, and the execution was even better. Via The Boston Egotist.