Six feet under, brought to you by Costco

Maybe you read this week that Costco is now selling travel urns—well, they’re really boxes—on its Web site that meet “U.S. transportation security guidelines” and can be carried aboard a plane rather than checked. The warehouse chain’s supplier, Renaissance Urn Co. (love the name!), cited the desire of Americans apparently have to travel to scatter their loved ones’ remains in places far from home. And hey, the boxes, which come in three different colors, are a bargain. They’re only $64.99, compared with $250-600 for an urn purchased from a funeral home! We went to the Costco Web site to check the boxes out and found out that they sell caskets, too. The “Mother Casket” goes for a low, low price of only $924.99, while the “Kentucky Rose Casket” retails for only $1,499.99! Got us thinking that Costco should start packaging this stuff with all the items they sell in bulk. A big funeral and reception could finally give people a reason to buy 500 plastic spoons and a 40-ounce plastic jar of cheese balls.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor