Silent Film Festival’s Trailers Use Instagram Scrolling to Simulate Look of Old Movies

Everything new is old again

I'm sure some folks will enjoy Cossette's Instagram campaign promoting the Toronto Silent Film Festival, but I think it works better in theory than in practice. The flipbook-style fusion of old and new technologies is a cool concept (check out the trailers here, here and here), but scrolling quickly on my phone in slideshow view to achieve the effect of animating a few seconds of old-timey still images wasn't particularly compelling. Some guy pushes a car! A different guy rides a horse! A man and woman dance! (And it's in black and white. C'mon, at least colorize it!) Boy, films really sucked in 1925, and I for one am glad we live in a glorious cinematic age where creative visionaries like Michael Bay blow up stuff in dazzling HD and obscenities fly off the screen at deafening volume. Now that's entertainment worth $11.50 a ticket! Heck, I'd pay $11.75!


Client: Toronto Silent Film Festival

Project: Instagram Trailers

Agency: Cossette

Co-CCOs, Creative Directors: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga

Copywriter: Sebastian Lyman

Art Director: Pepe Bratanov

Account Team: Jason Melhuish

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