Siberian Ad Vandals Turn Putin Into Gonorrhea Monster

Perps now face itchy, painful future

A group of Siberian anarchists added pictures of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, and other politicians to an STD advisory in Barnaul, Russia, as part of a prank. That's about as witty as anarchists get. ("Do you need such companions?" asked the original billboard, under images of STD monsters like gonorrhea, candida, and ureaplasma.) But unlike putting a Hitler mustache on George Bush's face, this action apparently carries real and horrible consequences. Putin takes his image as a sexy martial-arts badass very seriously, and three alleged perpetrators have been arrested in raids. They now face possible prison terms. All this fuss makes me wonder if Putin knows there's a picture of him dick-jousting Barack Obama in Moscow's Tochka G sex museum. Via Gawker.

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