Sharpie urging you to doodle on everything

Sharpie has launched a promotion that tries to position the marker as a tool of artistic creativity. I recently used one to write "For Pickup" on a big cardboard box to return a supposedly ergonomic chair that gave me a backache. The ink smudged and was really stinky. (After former pitchman David Beckham inhaled some of that stuff, his career was never quite the same.) Now, Sharpie is encouraging people to ruin their sneakers and other items by doodling on them and sending the results to its "Sharpie Uncapped" gallery. You can visit Sharpie's YouTube page for a tutorial on making a customized T-shirt. Frankly, Twitter Tees are much less work and there's zero chance of choking on the fumes.

—Posted by David Gianatasio