Sex shop’s sponsorship of cricket team is a bit of a sticky wicket

Cricket_ball_1A cricket club in the U.K. has been told it’s just bloody inappropriate to accept a sponsorship from a sex-shop chain called Nice ’n’ Naughty, reports the BBC. The team is having to give back the money and ditch their new uniforms, under pressure from its league. A team official complains: “Obviously, we knew that Nice ’n’ Naughty is not to everybody’s taste, but we didn’t realize it would cause this much of a problem. We are living in 2006. It’s not like the old days when these shops were seedy, back-street affairs. Other teams in the league are sponsored by breweries, and the league itself is sponsored by a gambling firm, Littlewoods Gaming. If alcohol and gambling are considered to be appropriate, then why not an adult shop?”

—Posted by Tim Nudd