See Taylor Swift’s Absurd Life Unfold Moment by Moment in This Entertaining AT&T Ad

With a bruising cameo by Andy Samberg

It’s a given that Taylor Swift doesn’t live like the rest of us.

But judging by this AT&T spot, the world’s biggest pop star experiences life largely as a random chain of cause-and-effect events that see her veering from tuning her guitar to eating food off her shirt to fighting with Andy Samberg to crawling through air ducts.

The entertaining 1:45 video, made by BBDO, advertises Taylor Swift NOW, a collection of exclusive Taylor video content for AT&T users. And it certainly makes liberal use of the word now, as it follows the apparently easily distracted Swift through an increasingly goofy series of diversions and misadventures when she’s supposed to be recording music.

Taylor Swift NOW streams on AT&T partner DirecTV’s video platforms. And the style of this new commercial echoes, more than anything, the old “Cable Effects” DirecTV spots from Grey, in which a voiceover described similar kinds of escalating cause-and-effect scenarios—where having cable instead of DirecTV hyperbolically led to utter disaster.

Whether the Taylor Swift NOW content itself is this entertaining is unclear, but it’s nice to see the DirecTV vibe seeping into AT&T’s messaging like this.

See the BTS video below.

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