Second quarter

cpealet: ech. the eagles score. ok, I’m waiting for the shot of Will Smith in the stands.
timnudd: always a good sign when the underdog scores first
cpealet: i spose. if you don’t live with a Pats fan.
Layscpealet: It’s Hammer Time!
timnudd: wasn’t he preaching in prisons or something recently?
cpealet: yeah. I think he declared bankruptcy too. you can read up on it.
timnudd: i liked the itunes/pepsi spot. fun, good energy. nobody stealing anything
cpealet: I actually thought that spot was funny and had an actual point. i get it. I can download stuff for free with the Pepsi/iTunes promo. I am clairvoyant….!
timnudd: chris collinsworth just said the eagles are dishing out "a pretty good whoopin". not sure where he gets that. it’s 7-0
cpealet: there’s nothing like a good NFL cliche. even when it doesn’t fit the situation.
timnudd: he couldn’t help himself
cpealet: I’ve noticed several other disturbing ad trends. One of the Diet Pepsi ads and the "Be Cool" promo both made reference to "Saturday Night Fever."
cpealet: Then we have Cedric the Entertainer in both the "Be Cool" spot and a Bud Light one. The only conclusion I can come to is that Burt Reynolds and Cedric are tied at two Super Bowl ad appearances each.
timnudd: cedric is a super bowl institution
cpealet: he’s the Terry Bradshaw of Super Bowl advertising.
timnudd: he’s required to be in at least one commercial
cpealet: you’re so right. I forgot. thanks for straightening me out.
timnudd: there was another pepsi/itunes commercial – and gwen stefani was in it. i wouldn’t mind more of those
cpealet: typical. does she really dress like that when she’s in the elevator of an office building? just asking…
timnudd: she’s always on
cpealet: i think she had more off than on.
timnudd: the degree spot was a good idea – spoofing doll commercials. it just didn’t seem very funny
cpealet: it had no connection to the product whatsoever. and you know what a stickler I am for that.
cpealet: caution. chimp overdose! caution! talking parakeet alert!
Careerbuildertimnudd: did you see the chimp who was photocopying his butt? that was funny
cpealet: actually that was really funny. not that I care what the ad was for (but it was for see? I remembered.
timnudd: meanwhile, the game is going great. tom brady actually looks vulnerable
cpealet: oh right, the game. I’m getting ramped up for the half-time "wardrobe malfunction." I mean "show."
cpealet: oh jeez. that Silestone spot was just awful.
timnudd: does anyone still remember those guys from super bowl XX? ditka, fridge, jim mcmahon. I remember them, but i grew up out there
cpealet: oh right. the fridge, who could forget the fridge? whatever happened to the fridge?
timnudd: he looks the same
timnudd: so it’s almost halftime and we’re tied up
cpealet: second quarter goes to the game
timnudd: we haven’t had that "reebok terry tate" type of ad yet – the one that really stands out
cpealet: no. it’s sort of standard super bowl fare. going for the easy joke. the best moment though was the chimp making a photocopy of his butt. talk about an easy joke.
cpealet: the ads might catch up if we could have a Clydesdale take a photocopy of his butt.
timnudd: or gwen stefani
cpealet: typical