Sealy Is Eager to Make You Happy … in Bed

Sealy introduced its new campaign from Leo Burnett in February. The fabulous tagline, "Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it," was tailor-made for raunchy fun—and even, if they wanted to go there, for taking a stand on social issues, particularly those regarding alternate sexuality. The commercials didn't really make good on that potential, choosing to show things like tossing coats on beds during parties, jumping on beds, and heterosexual couples who'd just gone at it. Of course, I don't expect Sealy to officially support any of the nasty, horrible things I do in bed. Besides, who wants to see a Dutch-oven spot? So thankfully, they've released an app that lets me support whatever I want to do in bed on my own social-media pages. The free "In Bed Tagger" app lets you slap an "in bed" image on photos you take, completing the old fortune-cookie joke in picture format. You can submit your fortunes to the In Bed Hall of Fame on Twitter—though nobody will see them, because nobody's following. I bet more people would follow them if they posted the trashy crap. Besides, hearing what people really do in bed is a fantastic argument for why you should buy a new mattress—and never a used one.