Scotch-Brite’s Offer to Diners: Instead of Paying the Bill, Wash the Dishes

Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Many's the night I've lain awake wondering how to sell more sponges to hipsters in Brazil. Grey 141 addresses this concern for Scotch-Brite, introducing the brand to twenty-somethings at various São Paulo eateries by offering them the chance to do dishes in lieu of paying their bills. These suntanned well-to-do's look like they're never scrubbed a plate in their lives. They giggle, flash goofy grins and give thumbs-up signs as they brag about dodging the check. It's like a working-class flantasy to them. (Yes, I said flan-tasy—deal with it!) Isn't avoiding dishwashing the whole point of going to a restaurant? Personally, when I'd rather not pay, I prefer the rush of sneaking out through the men's-room window and making a mad dash across the parking lot. Bite me, Sizzler! Via Adverblog.