ScooterGirls take advertising for a wild ride

In these uncertain times, and given my bulging HR file here at AdFreak (something about my "attitude"), it's probably a good idea to have a plan B job-wise. If things don't pan out here, I'm joining ScooterGirls! The L.A.-based mobile-advertising company was formed in December and, as far as I can tell, offers everything I could ever hope for in an employer: hot models on scooters, free schwag from client promos and the chance to rumble with a rival gal-gang. With all that, who needs a 401(k)? Now, I'm not a girl (technically), nor have I ever driven a scooter. But being grossly unqualified hasn't held me back in previous jobs, and I won't let it get in the way now. Get revved, ScooterGirls, I'm gearing up to change career lanes, and utter every other tired metaphor that might apply. Va-roooom!
—Posted by David Gianatasio