Scoop Away has most adventurous cat litter

The Adventures of Clumpy and Crumbly, the faux TV show from DDB San Francisco for Scoop Away cat litter, proves a theory I've long held: that animated clumps of cat urine have more talent than most sitcom actors. Well, Ray Romano, at any rate. The groovy "Keepin' It Together" theme song and retro clumps-about-town montage are more compelling than the opening sequences of most real sitcoms. In the episodes (see two more after the jump), Crumbly always falls apart, while Clumpy—who is made from Scoopy Away's high-quality clay—hangs tough. Folks could avoid the whole nasty business by having dogs, though I respect the effort here to (cue the laugh track!) think outside the litterbox.

—Posted by David Gianatasio