ScarJo swipes Penelope Cruz’s modeling gig


There’s not much to
say here. Scarlett Johansson is hot, so the rocker-chic fashion label Mango hired
her to lay about in clothes. Why say more? Well, because the fashion
world always thinks they’ve done the most incredible thing ever when
they hire a model, so I’ll quote Mango’s reasoning,
which charmingly sounds like it was translated from Spanish by a
non-native speaker: “We have chosen the beautiful actress for her
extraordinary personality, which embodies the ideal of the urban,
independent and cosmopolitan woman Mango wishes to dress.” “The
beautiful actress” takes over for Penélope Cruz who actually made way
more sense for the Spanish label. But Mango gets an extra gossip bonus!
The fact that Johansson and Cruz both stared in Vicky Cristina Barcelona has some saying Scarlett is getting her revenge for her lack of an Oscar nod
(click to see Woody Allen leer at ScarJo). Now that we’ve thoroughly
explained the creativity (or lack thereof) behind this effort, it’s
time for the real questions: are they actually selling ripped

Posted by Rebecca Cullers