Say hello to radio advertising’s latest bum

My long-running crusade (see here and here) against CRN’s radio spots is apparently an abject failure, since they’re still on the air, and still trying to sound official with deceptive advertising techniques. The newest king of gimmick-radio, though, is Ty Coughlin, who’s selling the Internet marketing scheme du jour, something called the “Reverse Funnel System,” which will make you lots of cash fast. His AM radio spots begin with his goofy laughter, as if the spots were being broadcast live, then Coughlin describing himself as a “beach bum from Hawaii” and affecting the laid-back attitude of one who is above advertising in any medium. Like the CRN spots, there’s the odd reverse psychology: You want financial advice from me because I’m such a goof, and I obviously don’t believe in, you know, advertising, so you can believe my ad. Hopefully, Coughlin can put his easily earned millions a year toward solving the technical problem that, apparently, radio spots can no longer be trimmed for outtakes or rerecorded.

—Posted by Gregory Solman