Say hello to Mrs. Mucus

MrsmucusIt’s an unwritten rule that disgusting ad icons do not have spouses. Polyp Man? No. Digger the Dermatophyte? No. Mr. Floatie? Please. But today, one disgusting ad icon, Mr. Mucus, spokesphlegm for the expectorant Mucinex, breaks with tradition and introduces the unsuspecting public to his better half, Mrs. Mucus. “Mr. Mucus Carries His New Bride Over the Threshold of Cold and Flu Season—Only to be Shown the Exit,” reads the earnest press release we received. A new ad, “Married to Mucus,” breaks today featuring the bouncy bride, who “is as large, green and irritating as her new husband.” Slipping into marketing-speak for a moment, client CMO Robert D. Casale says that “while excess mucus may be a challenging topic to broach, the ‘Mr. Mucus’ campaign conveys very successfully the brand essence of Mucinex in a lighthearted, entertaining, consumer-connecting way.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd