For sale: ‘Jesus loves you’ sandals

Just in time for beach season, we came across these great sandals, which have treads that leave the words “Jesus loves you” in the sand. They’re called “Shoes of the Fisherman” (apparently the “shoes of the fisherman” are passed down from one pope to the next). The tagline is: “The sandals that leave the greatest impression.” This Web site claims that the maker of the sandals, one Dr. Kathleen Farrell, was once abducted by a stranger but was saved after repeating the 23rd Psalm over and over, out loud. “After my horrible experience, I thought about ways to spread the Good News,” Farrell is quoted as saying. “Then the idea came to me to cut out letters from an inner tube and glue them backwards to the bottom of sandals. When I walked from wet grass onto a wooden deck and the sandals left the words ‘Jesus loves you’ all over, it was awesome. I knew God was directing a wonderful new way to proclaim His Love.” Oh, the sandals go for about $20. (Thanks to Boing Boing for the link.)