Running-shoe ads are as painful as running

I hate running. My knees ache just thinking about it. A new campaign from athletic shoe maker Saucony, which purportedly targets "serious runners," reinforces every negative impression I have about the sport. Consider the images: A runner trains by pumping iron. Hurts just to look at. Why’s she building her upper body? Is she planning to sprint on her hands? Then, in this ad, there’s a line of unhappy-looking people at the Port-a-Potties. I don’t want to get graphic, but I live on the Boston Marathon route and I can assure you, the runners aren’t nearly so polite. Heaven forbid they add 50 seconds to their precious "time" by using the proper facilities. Good hygiene is always a personal best, jerks. And check out the guy riding the escalator in that ad. You’d think he’d cheat on the uphill stretches of the race. Downhill’s the easy part!

—Posted by David Gianatasio