For runaway bride, “Life Is Good”

As we’ve noted before, there are all sorts of promotional opportunities in the story of Jennifer Wilbanks, aka the runaway bride. The video currently circulating of Wilbanks mowing the municipal lawn as a way to pay back her local police department unveiled a new, if inadvertent, one: the intrinsic appeal of the “Life Is Good” baseball cap, which we’re hoping results in a nifty word-of-mowing spike in sales for Derry, N.H.-based Life Is Good, Inc. (Sorry it’s a little hard to see in this photo.) According to this story, the company, maker of the baseball cap and other garb emblazoned with the same slogan, is a 10-year-old business with $24 million in sales annually, built entirely by word of mouth. But you’ve got to check out the video of Wilbanks mowing the lawn to get the full picture. Need we emphasize the hilarity in watching a woman wearing an incarceration orange “community service” vest, mowing the lawn with a constantly stalling lawnmower, her French manicure on display every time she has to restart it, all the while wearing a “Life is Good” baseball hat? We needn’t, but we couldn’t resist.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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