Rocker Releases Album on Nintendo Gaming Cartridges

Another wacky distribution stunt

Rocker Jon Black, who performs as Fort Atlantic, decided to offer his latest album on original Nintendo cartridges. As the music industry's brick-and-mortar distribution method continues to implode, more musicians are releasing limited-edition versions of albums with creative, weird and sometimes wonderful marketing gimmicks. Last month we caught up with Black's oppositely named cohort Jack White, who floated his new single away on a thousand helium balloons. Black's label, Dualtone, didn't have an easy job making the Nintendo thing work. They had to source the cartridges and reprogram them, and scoured eBay for five lucky gold cartridges created from Legend of Zelda games that act as golden tickets. Fans who get the shiny cartridges receive tickets to any Fort Atlantic show they choose, a special mix tape and, of course, a T-shirt. They've already sold out of the original run of 50 cartridges and plan on creating 25 more—a number that would be higher if it wasn't so complicated and time consuming to create the unique packaging. Luckily for those of us who sold their original NES long ago, each cartridge also contains the album on USB in lossless MP3 format. So you'll never have to blow on it. Via Underwire.