Ringo Starr Wishes He Was a Powerpuff Girl. No, Really, He Does

Beatle wears dress in Cartoon Network promo

The Powerpuff Girls have been rebooted for a onetime special with a new animation style, and the first look anybody has gotten of the new design is this short where Ringo Starr dons a dress and sings, "I wish I was a Powerpuff Girl."

The song, written by director Dave Smith, is a delightful little ditty about shooting stars out of your eyes and wearing dresses while saving the world. Ringo's animated alter ego starts out on the drums, then dons a yellow dress and adorable pink hair ribbon to join the girls as they fly through the sky and bring peace and love to the city of Townsville. The whole thing is as trippy as Yellow Submarine and as cuddly as a puppy.

Ringo will also appear in the special, Dance Pantsed, airing Jan. 20, as Townsville's flamboyant mathematician, Fibonacci Sequens. Smart move, Cartoon Network. It's always a good idea to leverage your Starr power.