Rhett & Link’s Greatest Hits: Their 10 Most-Viral Local Commercials

Is Robert Lee on top? Nope! Chuck Testa

Rhett & Link truly are one of a kind. Since meeting as first graders in Buies Creek, N.C., they've been inseparable. As filmmakers and musicians, they've made some of the kookiest, catchiest viral videos around. One particular passion—doing intentionally awkward, low-budget commercials for local businesses around the country—earned them the attention of the ad community, and of IFC, which eventually gave them their own show, Commercial Kings, to document their process of creating "viral masterworks." But amid the hundreds of videos they've produced over the years, which ones rose to the top—becoming the most viral of virals? Unruly Media crunched the numbers on social sharing of the duo's content and came up with a ranking of Rhett & Link's most viral videos ever. We've posted the top 10 below. The winner, by a large margin, is the Ojai Valley Taxidermy spot from 2011, which was produced as part of Commercial Kings, became a bona fide Internet meme and made a star of Mr. Chuck Testa. Also great are No. 2 and and No. 3, both from 2009—the Red House Furniture spot, which was the pair's first big commercial hit; and the Cullman Liquidation spot, which none other than Errol Morris called "the best commercial ever made." Meanwhile, the spoof anti-drug spot for Roller Kingdom, released just last week, is already up to No. 4.

  1. True Blue Tattoo

    Thinking of getting a tattoo or a piercing? "Don't be stupid. You'll regret it," warned this exercise in reverse psychology for the True Blue Tattoo in Austin, Texas. Year: 2010.

  2. Central Florida Zoo

    The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a great place … to see a lot of animals defecating and fornicating. Rhett & Link's most scatological spot to date. Year: 2009.

  3. SLCC's Barbering & Cosmotology School

    The Barbering & Cosmotology School at Salt Lake Community College offers a great deal on haircuts. They're just $2! However, as the staff will happily remind you, they're still learning—they might mess it up royally. Year: 2009.

  4. Holiday Hotel for Cats

    Margaret Hughes speaks cat and can read their minds. This commercial was meant for cats. It urges them to stay at the Holiday Hotel for Cats in Los Angeles. Meow! Year: 2011.

  5. TDM Auto Sales

    The inspiring story of how a Cuban genecologist became an American used-car dealer at TDM Auto Sales. One of Rhett & Link's first hits. Year: 2009.

  1. Butt Drugs

    With a name like Butt Drugs, it has to be good—or at least, it has to be stuffed with innuendo. Year: 2010.

  2. Roller Kingdom

    "Prison is full of people that has never roller skated." A 4-year-old girl delivers one of the classic lines from the Rhett & Link canon in this anti-drug spoof for Reno's Roller Kingdom. Year: 2012.

  3. Cullman Liquidation

    Robert Lee doesn't care if you buy a mobile home from him at Cullman Liquidation or not. It won't hurt his feelings. He's been through a lot worse. One of the Rhett & Link's crowning achievements, deemed by Errol Morris to be "the best commercial ever made." Year: 2009.

  4. Red House Furniture

    Red House Furniture doesn't discriminate. It sells furniture for black people and white people. And Hispanic people. And all people. Analyzed to death upon its release. Year: 2009.

  5. Ojai Valley Taxidermy

    Rhett & Link's runaway megahit for Ojai Valley Taxidermy. More than 11 million views and counting, featuring the man-meme himself. Yep! Chuck Testa. Year: 2011.

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