Retracing today’s top directors back to MTV

It's easy to forget how many of today's hottest film directors got their start by making commercials and music videos. Luckily, Cinematical has compiled a list of seven Hollywood hit-makers who owe everything to MTV. There are the obvious picks, like Spike Jonze, whose video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" (shown above) still rivals his big-screen accomplishments like Being John Malkovich. But I had no idea that Fight Club's David Fincher had made videos for the likes of Madonna, Rick Springfield, Loverboy and Paula Abdul (among many others). Other than the strange inclusion of John Landis, who made Animal House three years before directing Michael Jackson's "Thriller," it's a pretty solid list. So, who should be the next video auteur to level up? Maybe Walter Stern's work for The Prodigy and his freaky new Johnnie Walker spot will get him a chance. But I've got my money on James Frost, mainly because I'd like to see a movie made entirely without cameras or lights.

—Posted by David Griner