Red Cross roughs up J&J in legal tussle

As if Johnson & Johnson needed more PR headaches over its ill-conceived lawsuit against the American Red Cross, the latter has now filed a bruising response that turns the tables on J&J. For an outfit dedicated to giving aid and comfort, the Red Cross sure knows how to dish out a beating. The R.C. accuses the drug company of improperly using the Red Cross emblem (ouch!). It gleefully points out that J&J is a “for-profit pharmaceutical company” (oof!) and that its lawsuit “is wrong on the facts and on the law” (auggh!). It goes on: “Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, registered the trademark nine years before J&J did” (owee-owee!). The group also mentions its emergency volunteers, blood drives and tireless efforts to save lives (yeeeoooowch!). J&J’s legal team—and its spin doctors—will be reaching for the Tylenol and the Band-Aids.

—Posted by David Gianatasio